Clydach Vale Boys' Club

73 Clydach Road


South Wales

CF40 2BD


Monday And Thursday Evenings:


6.15 - 7.15 (Juniors)

7.15 -9.15 (Adults)


Saturday Mornings (Aikido Weapons Class):


9.30 - 12.30



For more infomation please contact




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Dojo Leader Jeff Bishop

1972 - Started training in judo

1974 - Started shukukai karate

1978 - Started training in wu shu chaun, qi gung, tai chi chaun.

1983 - Started aikido training. Travelled all over UK to Seminars with Japanese instructors Saito and Yamada Sensei, (the founder of aikido's highest ranked teachers).

2000 - Awarded level 1 coaching by British Aikido

Board, and became instructor with Shin Gi Tai Aikido Society.

2001 - Graded 1st dan aikido by Soke Gwynne Jones (9th dan)

2004 - Graded 2nd dan aikido

2006 - Started training in iaido (seitei kata)

2007 - Graded 3rd dan aikido

2008 - Trained in shotokan karate. Visited Japan

and awarded DNBK 3rd dan aikido. Demonstrated aikido in 48th World Butoku-Sai in Japan and was awarded Yushu Sho for outstanding demonstration (one of seven awarded out of two hundred practitioners).

2009 - Attended elite budo seminar in Japan, one

of only two UK attendees, and along with

representatives from other countries took part in a two week intensive training seminar in traditional Japanese jujitsu and aikijujitsu. Given permission to pass on the techniques in the UK. Awarded title of Shidoin (leading teacher) by DNBK

2010 - Trained in kendo

2011 - Graded 4th dan aikido. Started training in

Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu as student of Hanshi- Ho Carl Long. Opened own martial arts school teaching aikido, aikijujitsu and Iaijitsu.

2012 - Joined KNBK. Visited Japan and awarded

DNBK 4th dan aikido. Trained in jojitsu, iaiJitsu and kyudo. Demonstrated aikido at the 50th World Butoku-Sai and was awarded Yushu Sho for outstanding participation in budo.

2013 - Graded shodan-ho Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu

Iaijutsu. Demonstrated aikido at the UK Botoku-Sai and Rensei Taiki, awarded Yushu-Sho for outstanding spirit in Budo.

2014 - Level 2 coaching awarded by British Aikido

Board. Permission obtained to register aikido school as an Independent member of the DNBK within the UK.

2016 - Awarded 5th Dan Aikido by DNBK, and awarded Renshi title at the World Butokusai in Kyoto, Japan. Awarded 2nd Dan Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu

Iaijutsu, Pennsylvania USA, KNBK Instructors seminar